Interview with Manda Kennedy 

(Owner of the Cross Keys)

Q Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?
A Not at all.
Q Can you tell me a little about the building?
A It was a 14th century coaching inn and was turned into 3 cottages. An old fisherman died in one of them and a child in another. In 1950 it was purchased by the man who now owns the antique shop and turned back into a hotel, he sold it to the parents of the lady who now owns the wool shop and I bought it from her & there was no mention made of prior activity at that time.
Q How long have you been at the Cross Keys?
A 22 years
Q In the past criticism has been made at allowing investigations in hotels etc as it has been used for financial gain. We have been led to believe that you are leaving here soon, what do you hope to gain from this investigation?
A I have experienced a lot in the time I have been here and before I leave I would like to try and find out a little about who or what I have been living with.
Q To the best of your knowledge how long has there been paranormal activity at this location?
A We noticed it when we first moved in, we would not use room 7 because it was icy cold. Room 6 was also strange my 2 sons were small and the oldest wouldn’t go up the corridor to it as there was an old man who walked up it. 
Q Have you personally experienced any paranormal activity?
A Yes

In the flats one of the doors will open and close on its own, it is stiff to do this but there is nobody around.

I walked through the dining room where I saw someone in white, I thought it was the chef but as I entered the kitchen he was there, on returning to the dining room there was nobody around.

I entered the kitchen and we used to have an old ice-cream tub where we kept teaspoons and they were being tossed out onto the floor.

There is also activity on the stairs and we also here a baby crying and every time this happens something bad happens to a member of the family.

Q Have any of the employees ever experienced any paranormal activity?
A Yes

My ex-husband was in the corridor between rooms 6 & 7 when he felt a hand on his shoulder, on turning round he saw a shadow on the wall but there was nobody there.

When we were having the bar altered one of the walls was supported by RSJ’s and as a workman walked by one of them fell narrowly missing him. As they were supporting a main support wall they were solidly fitted and it could not have fallen accidentally.

Where the toilet block is now there used to be a shed used as a storeroom and several of the staff when they were in they heard someone rapping on the roof. They thought it was the chef and on one occasion they all went in including the chef and on hearing the knocking on the roof the chef ran out so fast he almost flattened several others.

Q Have any of the guests ever experienced anything strange?
A Guests staying at the hotel have reported hearing a coach and horses pull up outside the window below room 7 at around 2:00 am.

An old man has been seen sitting in the bar smoking an old clay pipe, the description seems similar to that of an old fisherman who used to live in one of the cottages.

Q Have any of the guests ever left early because of the activity?
A Not that I'm aware of.
Q How widespread and frequent is the activity?
A The activity is mainly in rooms 6 & 7 and the corridor between them, the top dining room, kitchen, bar and the toilets. However there have been incidents reported all over the hotel and outside the front.
Q Are there any teenagers living here on a regular basis.
A Yes there is an employee who lives here but she will not stay alone and her boyfriend has to keep her company.
Q Have you heard of any activity in other properties in the local area?
A No I have not heard of any.