Cross Keys - Betws-y-coed

The Cross Keys hotel in Betws-y-coed, North Wales was purpose built back in the 14th century by a lieutenant to Llywelyn the Great whos country residence was at a nearby farm.

With a place so steeped in history we were not surprised to learn that it is reputedly haunted. Thanks to the NWOR team and Manda Kennedy the present owner we were given the opportunity to carry out an overnight vigil. The areas where most paranormal activity has been reported are the top part of the dining room, and bedrooms 6 and 7, which coincidently are located directly above.

Whilst renovating the dining room the current owner noticed a discrepancy between the internal and external dimensions of the top part. A false wall was found and due to it being damp the wall was removed however the room still appeared to be smaller than it should be. After removing a few bricks from the wall behind the false panel they saw what looked like a priest hole and continued to remove the top part of the wall. On completion they found an escape passage that seemed to go up, round and then up the chimney.