Dowsing is an art that has been practiced for many thousands of years by various cultures around the world. Mention Dowsing to most people and they imagine people walking across green fields holding with both hands a forked twig. However different items can be used for dowsing, Y shaped twigs, rods and pendulums. Dowsing can be used for finding things like water, gold or finding lost objects and communicating.


It is my opinion that anyone who is prepared to keep an open mind and practice can become a successful dowser. I feel that it is a natural gift, present in each of us from birth; it is a simple way of bringing our rational consciousness safely into direct communication with our inner wisdom. Dowsing potentially gives us a means to have unlimited access to information, information that we have but are not normally able to access. Our consciousness can be compared to an iceberg, which everybody knows is only a small part of then whole; in fact nine-tenths of an iceberg is below the surface.


Divining Rods
These are the oldest and are traditionally forked sticks that are V or Y shaped pieces of branch cut from a tree and are affectionately called a ‘twitch’ probably because it usually starts to twitch when it gets near whatever you are looking for. They are normally made from hazel, apple, peach, cherry, willow or birch trees as these retain their flexibility longer but can be made from any tree available. The two arms of the rods should be about 18 inches long with an inside angle of between 40 to 70 degrees, however this is a matter of personal preference and you should experiment with different materials, length of rod and angles to fid the specification most suitable for you. I must be honest and say I have never tried these for dowsing and would be interested in hearing the results anyone has.


Angle Rods
Angle rods are the best tools to start with as almost everyone can get results when using them. They consist of 2 L shaped pieces of metal wire where normally one leg is 12 inches and the other 5 inches you can either purchase a set or make them yourself. I have three different sets, one made from a welding rod, one from brass and another from steel and have even heard of a set being made from 2 old metal coat hangers. Some people cover the small part of the rod with a plastic or wooden tube as this allows the rod to swivel freely no matter how hard you grip them, (the plastic shell of a ballpoint pen is ideal). I personally use no cover and have on the few occasions I have used them have found that, as the rods are thin they move freely enough. I have seen these used by several people with varying results and had success with them myself.


A pendulum consists of a weight attached to a chain or cord, the weight can be made of almost anything, it should be heavy enough to ensure it does not get blown about to easily but not so heavy that it is uncomfortable to use. I already have three different pendulums brass, stainless steel and stone; I would like a wooden one but want one that feels the right weight for me. I have used this kind of pendulum for dowsing to ascertain if there are any spirits and also to predict the weather (using a chart in a book I purchased) and had various results some successful others less so.


This is a crystal of either teardrop or pendulum shape and can be anything from an inch long. It is best to buy a crystal that already has a chain attached to it, as this can be difficult to do. I believe that every crystal has its own energy and a relationship is built between dowser and the crystal, which improves with constant communication. Choose your crystal carefully and never allow anyone else to use it, as this will corrupt it and could result in incorrect answers.



How does Dowsing work?

There seems to be three schools of thought: -

  1. The dowser creates a bridge between the logical and the intuitive part of the mind, that is: the conscious {logical}, and the subconscious {intuitive}.
  2. The dowser connects with a higher power, that is: that the information is coming from a ‘divine’ source, hence the name ‘divining’
  3. It is electromagnetic energy, radiating from everything, that causes the effect. However, how can a wooden or plastic object be influenced by an electromagnetic energy?


How to dowse

I am concentrating on using pendulums and crystals as I find that communication is clearer for me with them. It is advisable to try different kinds of equipment and settle for the one that works best for you, as it is a personal bond you will build as you practice and improve, a crystal pendulum is my favourite tool. I usually use a teardrop crystal pendulum for dowsing to ascertain the best spot to sit and try to communicate. To do this you hold it with the end of the chain between your forefinger and thumb at about shoulder height. When comfortable, ask the crystal how it will give a positive answer, when it has done this how it will give a negative answer and finally ask how it will answer maybe (this varies from person to person). You are now ready to begin walking slowly around thinking are there any spirits present, the crystal will give you a positive answer should there be any. The method for using rods is the same; start by asking what the positive and negative answers will be there is not usually a third option with rods. Angle rods usually cross in front of you or split to the sides and Y rods pull up or down other pendulums will move the same as a crystal.


Once you are comfortable with your crystal you are ready to attempt to communicate. Sitting comfortably with a solid surface in front of you, this is best done for the first few times on your own in a room with no distractions. Hold the crystal the same way as for dowsing but put your elbow on the table ensuring the crystal can swing freely without hitting anything. Ask the crystal how it will answer yes and no in the same way as before. Then you are ready to try and communicate, it is best to start simple but remember the question must be worded so the answer is yes or no.


Your crystal may be either unable or unwilling to answer and will either move in a way you do not recognise (mine judders or shakes) or stop dead if you ask your crystal to stop it should. When you get a little more experience you can buy charts, maps and mats for dowsing with, to predict the weather, find locations and communicate with. Remember you it is important to be polite and respectful when asking questions and ask then clearly to ensure an answer.


Eleanor Thompson

Paranormal Investigators

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