Ghosthunting With Girls Aloud


Perhaps this was one little gem that slipped by without most viewers even being aware that it had been on as even we ended up having to watch the repeat of this two hour saga shown on ITV2. The scenario: Yvette Fielding tempts the lovely ladies from Girls Aloud out after dark to challenge their perceptions of the paranormal as they visit some of the most haunted locations in the country.

Yes, this is the same Yvette Fielding who stars in Living TV’s Most Haunted, who at the least little thing screams and runs in the aforementioned show, so how could such a person inspire any confidence whatsoever in the girls? Well for a change it was left to Yvette’s guests to do the screaming, crying and running whilst Yvette stayed remarkably calm. Yvette did however have to carry out multiple rolls including that of a medium and an historian which may have left her with less time for her normal role in Most Haunted.

It amazes me how quickly someone can turn from just a normal person to a medium as well, especially when one considers one of the gifts she seemed to have gained. During the last few series’ of Most Haunted there have been a plethora of objects apparently being thrown by the spirit world and etheric knockings in answer to questions. These effects are normally induced by a highly trained spiritual medium, a physical medium or a fraud. It therefore seems quite incredible that such phenomena should occur on such a programme as Ghosthunting with Girls Aloud where no known medium is present.

Perhaps now is the time to assess the credibility of Most Haunted where the above phenomena began and ask oneself if it is any more than just an entertainment show with no genuine paranormal activity at all. Although I would like to say “Don’t try this at home”, I have this little selfish streak that tells me that such programmes will only lead to more households that require our assistance to get rid of what has appeared in their house. As for the girls from Girls Aloud, we would only be too pleased to show them that there is nothing to be feared and how it should be done.