Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns


It is quite a while since we added anything to our armchair investigators section so I though it was time we made some comment about Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns which currently airs on Living TV in the UK. This is however, not an opportunity for us to try and discredit either the show or Derek, or to praise him and say that whatever Derek says must be right. Instead, this is an observance made by someone who has been studying and investigating the paranormal for many years.

Although I am by no means a sceptic I do believe that Derek should stop what he is doing and I believe that having read this article even true believers in both the afterlife and Derek Acorah may see the sense in him stopping this line of work..

As we all know Derek has a spirit guide called Sam whose mission in life (well afterlife) is to look after Derek’s spiritual wellbeing. For some strange reason though, Sam doesn’t seem to be that good at his job as Derek seems to be constantly under attack whilst channelling. If we take for instance the episode that aired on Tuesday 7 March, Derek came under attack from numerous spirits simultaneously and had to be physically carried away from the area leaving one of his co presenters, Danniella Westbrook, was in floods of tears as she seriously feared for his life.

The sceptics would of course say that Derek’s antics were no more than theatrical melodrama to increase the show’s ratings and under normal circumstances I would have to agree. However, as part of our studies of the paranormal we have read many books both ancient and modern which have included a couple of Derek Acorah’s own books. From these books we learn that during Sam’s own lifetime his spirit guide was in fact, our very own Derek Acorah. If this is the case, then perhaps Derek and Sam have swapped roles many times during the history of mankind and if that is the case, maybe Sam might have a hidden agenda. Although I am personally not a believer in reincarnation, perhaps Sam has a hidden agenda feeling that it is now his turn to return to the land of the living and I’m sure I don’t have to spell out the consequences for that to happen.

Perhaps Derek should take some time out to seriously assess his relationship with Sam before risking any further work of this kind.


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