Living With The Dead - Exposed?


There have been recent accusations made on the internet hinting at possible fraudulent activity on the British television programme Living with the Dead. The evidence is in the form of an email issued to all the members of the cast, from the Producer, including the mediums, giving the history of the hauntings at the location. Although I would be quite happy to accept that the programme is for entertainment purposes only and therefore knowledge of the location would only enhance the appeal of the programme to the audience, perhaps we need to look into further detail as to just what the programme is about.

Unlike other television programmes, Living with the Dead is not trying to either prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. It is an ‘entertainment’ programme which supposedly tries to remove entities from private properties. As such, the mediums can either make many visits to the property in an attempt to ascertain just what is going on or, as in the case of Living with the Dead, be given the facts of the haunting. I can assure you that the costs of two mediums, for any extended period would wholly outweigh the cost of a TV company’s researcher to whom the information would have been given freely.

But isn’t this just conning the residents of the property along with the viewing public I hear you say?  Well, for starters, I would presume that the residents would have remembered what they told the researchers during the initial interviews so they should have a good idea where the information that the mediums are telling them is coming from. Secondly, the viewing public who are being ‘entertained’ need to know about the hauntings, even though it is a little dramatised by the mediums. If we are all honest, this is what makes for good television.

So, am I saying that all that we see is staged and just there to make for good TV ratings? Of course not, remember that the programme is based around helping residents get rid of unwanted ‘guests’ from their properties. In other words, a form of exorcism. Wouldn’t sending a medium in to perform such a task without prior knowledge be almost the same as sending a soldier to war with no battle plan? Although exorcisms are made to look simple affairs on TV, I can assure you that this is not the case. Before one can be carried out all the history of the haunting has to be researched to make sure that the clearance is carried out in the most suitable manner. After all, in the above example I quoted it would not be the soldier that suffered for any mistakes, but over time, the residents of the property.

As such, I feel far happier knowing that the mediums are not going in ‘gung ho’ and perhaps being able to complete the task that they were sent in there to perform, as they are fully armed to do the job properly.


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