Most Haunted Live - 13


We have often amongst ourselves been most critical of Most Haunted and Most Haunted Live for their apparent abuse of the spirit world. On numerous occasions they have stupid enough to ask such questions as “Show us a sign if you would like us to leave”, and we have often considered what they would do if such a sign was given. Would they say “Sorry the show is so short this week but the Spirits don’t want us here” or would they just carry on regardless. Well on the second day of Most Haunted Live 13, we finally got the answer. During an ouija session they constantly had a an answer of “Goodbye” but still they persisted. Ouija sessions have long been considered as dangerous by certain quarters and for many people Most Haunted is the introduction to the world of the paranormal.

Most Haunted supposedly has a very respected Medium in Derek Acorah, but one must seriously question his commitment and his ability in encouraging and allowing a potentially dangerous act to continue. Don’t they realise that the general public are likely to think that this is the correct way to conduct an ouija session thereby putting themselves in danger? Most Haunted have acted totally irresponsibly and perhaps it is time it was taken off the air. Yes, we do watch it and whilst it continues to run we will still watch it whilst it is still allowed to be aired, but then again, WE know what we are doing and are not likely to copy Most Haunted’s  irresponsible examples.