Ouija Boards - Are They Dangerous?


When Ouija boards hit the mass markets back in the 1970ís they were quickly condemned by the church as being dangerous, as the users were dabbling with the unknown and could inadvertently open a gateway to the other side. But could a piece of cardboard covered with letters and numbers plus a few simple words, be so potentially dangerous?

I have been able to trace back patents going back to the 1920ís for Ouija or spirit boards as they are sometimes known, so when they were released as a toy it was hardly a new concept. As with any prediction the laws of average show that at some point something will appear to be predicted correctly but perhaps that is no more than pure chance. So, when Ouija boards said that some harm would befall one of the sitters and shortly afterwards it occurred then it could well be put down to the law of averages. As one would expect such incidents were picked up by the media and received a lot of publicity, but I never recall one report of an Ouija session being held where nothing happened. So do we assume that every Ouija session is dangerous? Of course not! If nothing happened then it is just not newsworthy. So I guess that by now you are guessing that I am an advocate of Ouija boards. Well Iím sorry but Iím afraid youíd be wrong.

The first major problem with an Ouija board is its sheer simplicity. Now why would anybody need to sit and read the instructions on how to use it? All you need to do is take the board out of the box, place it on a table or other flat surface, put your finger on the planchette and away you go! Wrong again! I would hope that any respectable sellers of Ouija boards would give the appropriate instructions on their correct usage but these are normally tailored to the beliefs of their makers. It is up to the individual users to interpret the instructions and put them into a form that is acceptable to them. If you are unable to do this without having complete faith in them, then DONíT use an Ouija board.

Who is most at risk from using an Ouija board?  Well the answer might come as a surprise. Firstly, there is the complete sceptic who may decide to have a bit of fun by giving the planchette a helping hand, just to get the believers excited and secondly there are the committed believers who may subconsciously give the planchette a bit of a push. So what is the harm of that?  Letís just all imagine for a minute that ghosts and spirits exist and that the said spirit would like to communicate via an Ouija Board. Unfortunately though, there is a person sat at the table who for whatever reason is pushing the planchette, stopping the spirit who is hoping to communicate. Eventually the spirit will get frustrated and who knows, could end up causing either physical or mental harm to individuals at the table.

So would I ever use an Ouija board? I would only ever use an Ouija board with people that I trusted implicitly. I would never use one with total strangers or people that I thought I couldnít trust because of the reasons stated above.

So why have I written an article on Ouija boards? That is simple. I am a paranormal investigator, it is something I need to cover and get a better understanding of to see if the planchette could possibly move without human intervention.

So what is the way ahead? At PICOUK we are currently developing a new kind of spirit board that is far less likely to be influenced or controlled by a single person. Controlling it manually would take a team effort thereby eliminating the surprise from the rest of sitters the when words are spelt out.

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