Most Haunted Live – Pirates Curse


During the nights of the 5th 6th and 7th of May we were treated to the latest edition of Most Haunted Live from Bristol. For a change they changed their usual format slightly and on all three night chose to send people off either on their own or in small groups whilst the rest of the team goaded the spirits to go and affect their team mates.

Now one would expect that after the number of supposedly serious investigations that the team have carried out that they would be more prepared for any spiritual activity that was likely to happen and no longer be acting like teenagers who had been dared by their peers to enter a spooky looking environment. Of course, as we have now become to expect from the show, this was not the case. Although the first night passed by fairly quietly the second night saw Karl and Stuart venturing off alone into the caves. Sadly, due to the number of expletives from these two members of the team, the programme was far from suitable for any younger viewers as even we found the language extremely offensive, especially if we consider that these same people consider themselves as experienced paranormal investigators.

The third night’s episode took us to a public house where the pattern of the show followed in a similar vein as that of the previous two nights. The only difference being that it was Yvette’s turn to spend some time alone in a part of the building. On this occasion however, the rest of the team made no attempt whatsoever, to try and induce any interaction between the spirit world and Yvette.

So Yvette’s lone vigil got under way and it was quite easy to see just how petrified she was by the way the camera was shaking. We could almost have felt some pity for the poor woman, being left alone, in the dark, in the cellar of a pub, except for the fact the cameras they use have steady shot capability which of course as the name suggests, eliminates camera shakes, unless of course this feature had been turned off to give a better dramatic effect for the unsuspecting viewers. Of course this could have been accidentally switched off in blind terror but this would have been easily noticed through the cameras viewfinder. Yes, there were noises heard in the cellar such as on which we recorded in our very early days of paranormal investigation which you can hear and see for yourself here.  I’m sure with all the experience that the crew of Most Haunted have had they must have experienced similar phenomena in the cellars of public houses before and Yes, when it does happen it might initially startle you but if, after all this time the crew are still acting like scared rabbits perhaps they  should heed the saying: “IF YOU CAN’T STAND THE HEAT STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN”.

Perhaps some of you may ask, why, if we are so critical of Most Haunted we continue to watch it? The answer to that is simple. We watch any paranormal programme in the search for new ideas or ways to improve on what we see. All we ask for is a good honest effort, without the theatricals that Most Haunted seems to becoming synonymous with.