The Rocking Spirit Board



As mentioned in an earlier news item PICOUK have designed, manufactured and applied for a patent for a revolutionary new Spirit Board. Unlike all other spirit boards on the market such as the Ouija board, which was patented by Parker Brothers back in the 1970ís, the Rocking Spirit Board does not rely on a planchette to point to the letters but instead uses a steel ball to point to the letters or words. As such it is impossible for a single sitter to influence the results by pushing a marker and very difficult for several sitters to collaborate in getting the answers they might want to see.

The board is mounted on a small pivot allowing it to rock freely in all directions. The steel ball is placed in a track where it is free to move around the letters, numbers or the Yes, No, ? and Bye quadrants. The sitters, place their fingers on the finger plate around the outer edge of the board and start by moving the ball around the board by alternatively applying pressure to the edge of the board. Whilst the ball is in motion one of the people either at or around the table asks a question and the sitters try to hold the board level allowing the ball to come to a standstill against one of the letters or quadrants.

The prototype has been tested extensively by our ESSIVE  team for the past couple of months and has been used in the most extreme of circumstances. On all occasions it has been used in complete darkness and the board has been rotated before use so that the sitters have been unaware of the letters or quadrants in front of them. The results have been read using a night vision video camera and relayed to the sitters. Under these conditions one would anticipate little more than a jumble of letters for answers but remarkably on its first outing the name Susy was spelt out for which we were later able to establish a link with the property. On each usage to date we have managed to obtain some meaningful answers all though at one location it refused to answer anything else but Bye even though the board was rotated to ensure that it wasnít a particular sitter applying undue pressure.

It is hoped that we will soon be marketing the board commercially in the near future. Watch this space for further details.