This piece of software when used in conjunction with a web camera enables the capturing of still images when any motion is detected. The software takes an initial image which it continually compares for changes. If any changes to the image are detected a series of snapshots are taken each displaying the time from the computers clock. All of the images taken are stored on the computer as JPEG's


35mm cameras have long been preferred by paranormal investigators as it can be proved from the negative that the picture has not been tampered with, whilst photographs taken with digital cameras can easily be altered. What is not commonly know is that most digital cameras store additional information embedded in the picture which is lost if any post editing is carried out. This software can display the embedded data, therefore validating a digital photograph.


Temperature & Humidity Logging

For those of you who have a bit of money to spare (PICOUK never turn down donations), there is hardware available which connects to a PC or laptop to keep a constant log of up to three temperature sensors, displaying the results in graphical form.