The Tamworth Castle Paranormal Investigation

    will be taking part in the Tamworth Castle Paranormal Investigation at the end of June as part of the Derwent Paranormal Investigators team. This investigation has taken many months of preparation and research and the whole of the team are excited at the prospect of carrying out an overnight vigil at this particular location. The reasons for the excitement are the legends surrounding paranormal activity and recorded paranormal activity, which can be traced back over 850 years.

  Legend states that the ghost of a white lady who has been seen on the battlements, is that of a woman who was imprisoned by Sir Tarquin in the castle dungeon, but over time fell in love with him. She has been seen to wander the battlements weeping since Sir Tarquin was slain in the meadows below the castle by Sir Lancelot who had come to rescue her.

  The other ghost at the castle is the Black Lady, who reportedly haunts the bedroom and the staircase. This is said to be the ghost of St Editha who returned from the grave after the Nuns at the nearby Convent at Polesworth were expelled by Robert De Marmion. She prophesised that he would meet an untimely death unless the Nuns were restored to the Convent. Before she vanished she smote him with her crosier causing a wound so bad that his cries awoke the whole castle. His pain only ceased when he confessed himself to a Priest and restored the Nuns to Polesworth. Although some would consider this to be no more than yet another legend, the facts behind the events are true as it is mentioned in the charter given by Robert De Marmion to Osanna the Prioress.

  One would however question why, if the Nuns had been restored to the Convent, would St Editha still haunt the castle. Could it be because the Abbey was voluntarily surrendered by the Abbess Alice Fitz-Herbert to the crown in 1539 under the reforms of church and state during the reign of Henry VIII.

  The Black Lady was once again recorded in 1949, when a team of ghost hunters carried out an overnight vigil at the castle. Just after the stroke of midnight, following noises on the staircase, a photograph was taken. When developed, the picture showed a shadowy hooded figure descending the stairs.

  During recent years, members of staff have witnessed blue swirling mists and the sounds of furniture being moved around in the rooms above. We await the investigation with great anticipation.