Aberconwy House


  During a recent trip to North Wales we took the opportunity to visit Aberconwy House, a 14th Century medieval merchants house, owned by the National Trust in Conwy. Whilst looking around the main hall located on the top floor of the building a member of staff, for no apparent reason, suddenly volunteered details of the paranormal activities that took place on that floor.

The ghost of man has been seen in the bedrooms and on occasions is seen to walk into the hall and a woman who is always preceded by the scent of flowers.

A far stranger occurrence however, happened a short time ago when one of the volunteers forgot to take her glasses with her one Friday afternoon. On the following Monday a search of the premises failed to turn up the missing spectacles and it wasn’t until the following Friday that they mysteriously reappeared. They were found, wrapped in one of the curtains, which are opened and closed on a daily basis. The members of staff have no rational explanation for this occurrence.