A Haunted Ghost Walk?

As you walk through the streets of Burton-on-Trent on a cold dark night, particularly as a member of the Burton on Trent Ghost Walk, listen out for the voices from beyond who seem to be trying to tell you their own dreadful tale.  On top of a building in which a man hung himself an empty flagpole shakes violently, whilst all the flags on surrounding buildings lie completely motionless. Be afraid of the ghost actors on this walk but be very afraid of the ghosts over whom the organisers of the Burton-on-Trent Ghost Walk have no control.


Most major towns and cities now offer ghost walks to promote reported sightings of ghosts within a short walking distance. These, to a paranormal investigator, can prove to be a valuable source of information since someone has obviously spent a great deal of time carrying out research and collating eyewitness reports on the local hauntings. Burton-on-Trent in Staffordshire has recently started itís own ghost walk following over three years of research into local paranormal activity, carrying out up to three ghost walks every Sunday night. 

On Sunday 25 January PICOUK took part in the 6:00pm walk, which commenced from the Market Square outside the Old Royal Oak. The walk lasts approximately 1.1/4 hours, and covers a distance of about 1.1/2 miles. The terrain is flat and ideally suited to both able bodied and disabled. The walk is very informative, showing the years of research that have been carried out. As this is a new ghost walk we will not spoil it by going into any of the details of the locations covered during this walk, as we do not wish to spoil it for any of its future patrons. What we will say is though, that during a certain part of the walk we were aware of footsteps following along behind us. We anticipated the usual ghoulish figure to appear but, on looking back found there to be no one there. This particular ghost walk has only been going for a short period of time and has to date had a large number of unexplained experiences reported by itís patrons. Could it be that this particular ghost walk is in fact haunted? We are currently carrying out an extensive investigation with some astonishing results (See the Investigations section)