Table Tipping at Derby Gaol


As well as our duties as paranormal guides for overnight visitors to Derby Gaol we have, over the past few months been holding paranormal workshops during the day on most Saturdays at the same location. Many other members of our Derwent Paranormal Investigators team have regularly been in attendance with us and through working together in a singular location seem to have established a rapport with the residents of the Gaol.  As the weeks and months have progressed the antics of the residents have been far more pronounced and jokingly, over the last few weeks I have suggested that it wouldn’t be long before our hexagonal table physically levitated.

A few weeks ago, during one of our sessions, in a small room that has recently been opened to the public I was absolutely convinced that the table had momentarily left the floor before gently sliding back down a display board, but I assumed that it was either caused by a trick of the light or by pure imagination. Although I was almost reasonably confident that the table had in fact reached an unobtainable height there was no concrete evidence.

Now no matter what your views are on table tipping, table tilting, table tapping, call it what you like, it is physically impossible for a table to levitate when the ‘sitters’ hands are clearly placed upon the top of the table without any slight of hand or trickery. However, on the 29th December 2007, the table seemingly managed the impossible but on this occasion, the incident was clearly caught on camera and not just on a single photograph either! It remained off the floor whilst three separate photographs were taken from various angles.

Throughout the afternoon the table had been going completely crazy walking the participants all around the gaol before finally returning to the Condemned Cell. It then appeared to have a frenzied attack on some of the members of the team before what I can best describe as trying to scale the cell wall. It was at this point that Kara Florey took the three photographs featured below.