Dudley Castle


One sometimes has to wonder just what is a ghost and would you know one if you saw one? Perhaps most people’s definition would be a semi-transparent, human like figure, appearing from and disappearing into a mist as it is approached. But what if our perception is wrong? What if a ghost looks like a normal, everyday person, if not perhaps dressed a little strangely? Is it possible that we could all have at some time seen a ghost and not realised?

On Friday 20 April we were invited to Dudley Castle to a Huge Ghost Hunt organised by Derby Gaol and Ghost Walks, which of course for us was busman’s holiday. After all, rather than join in any of the walks we chose to entertain the crowd with both glass divination and one of our new ‘toys’ which for some unexplainable reason we just happened to have in the back of our car.

As there was a short gap between two of the early walks we took the opportunity to explore our local surroundings along with one of the members of the Ghost Walk staff. One of the rooms we entered felt particularly active and I suggested to my two colleagues that they might both like to take a photograph in my direction. As we have long come to expect there were particles of dust, whoops sorry, orbs, on the photograph but there was something even stranger - a person. But both of the photographers insist that nobody entered the room during the whole time that we were in the room. Even more intriguing though is that the photograph has been shown to all the guides who took the visitors around the castle and none of them had anyone resembling the person in picture on any of their walks.

So, is this really a ghost?