Derby’s Friargate Ghost Walk


On Monday 24 May PICOUK jumped at the chance to join a private party on Derby’s Friargate Ghost Walk. Although we have taken this walk on several previous occasions it was a refreshing change to be able to participate in the walk with such a small group. We appreciate that all ghost walk organisers would prefer there to be as many participants as they can possibly manage but, as seasoned ghost walkers, we can quite honestly say, that with a smaller group a bond forms between them. Also, as you are closer to the guide there are no problems in hearing the stories being related making it an all round more pleasurable experience.

As most of the party were equipped with cameras (both still and video), we were almost suitably equipped for a mini investigation, let alone a ghost walk. During the walk itself and our stay in Derby Gaol, we ourselves managed to take 100 photographs and although we have yet to analyse them fully have already noted a couple of interest. Nannette, one of our fellow walkers, has already emailed us four of her photos, so we are starting a picture gallery of the night’s events.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sue Wilkinson for organising the event and giving us the opportunity to participate.

Photographs from Nanette Bunting