Plas Mawr


In these days where new programmes are constantly being produced, exciting our interests in the possibility of ghostly activity, it is hard to believe that there are some organisations that refuse to acknowledge that their properties may be haunted. Surely with the current heightened interest in ghostly activity, wouldn’t this mean the possibility of increased revenue with more visitors to the locations?

Whilst on  holiday in North Wales in August 2003 we took the opportunity to visit Plas Mawr in Conwy, one of Wales’s most haunted locations. Plas Mawr is an Elizabethan townhouse built by Robert Wynn between 1576 and 1585 and owned by CADW Welsh Historic Monuments. Having paid our entrance fee we were supplied with the equipment for our audio tour. When we enquired if it contained any details of Plas Mawr’s ghosts the answer was rather tersely “ No they certainly don’t”. The situation was later confirmed whilst on the Conwy Ghost Walk where we were told that CADW refused to acknowledge any of their properties as haunted and most members of staff will positively deny the presence of any paranormal activity.

During our visit though, were fortunate enough to capture an orb on one of our cameras. To read about the ghost of Plas Maw click here.