The Sutton Scarsdale Hall Postcard



Although it gives a great deal of satisfaction carrying out investigations or going on field trips as of course you are physically visiting the location, there are times when you are fortunate enough to pick something up which could possibly be paranormal off the internet. Most of the items of course, which can be bought off the likes of auction sites suggest that the item has some possible paranormal link such as a haunted Ouija board but occasionally, an item comes along which has no suggestion that it is connected with the ‘other side’.

With our continuing interest in Sutton Scarsdale Hall we recently saw a postcard on an auction site dating back to 1905. (Postmarked 21 December 1905) on which we bid and won. On receiving the said postcard we scanned it in at the highest possible resolution and size and noticed something a little strange about one of the people posing for the photograph. Although the majority of the image is sharp and perfectly in focus one of the figures appears to be out of focus, slightly transparent and also not dressed quite right for the time period.

It is of course possible that the person in question may have moved slightly when the photograph was taken if the exposure time was particularly slow, but as the picture was taken over 100 years ago I guess we will never know for sure. That is of course unless this possible ghost makes yet another appearance.