Old School in Nottingham - 26-08-06


Chris and Eleanor (PICOUK) were invited by Notts Paranormal Investigators to join them on an investigation at an old school in Nottingham.


On arrival the weather was fine and dry with clear skies.

Tour of the location one

After storing our kit in the room chosen as a base we were taken on a tour of the location, the articheture of the school the building appears to be made up of several houses. In one area of the cellar there were the remains of the old bells in the servant’s area and another area looks like an old wine cellar cut into the rock. The most interesting area was the hall, and a corridor leading off it towards the stairs.

Automatic Writing


As we were in a school we decided to start with a writing planchette in the hall, we set a table up in the middle of the room and placed the planchette on a sheet of paper on it. The session was opened, and after a few minutes the planchette appeared to be being pushed down on one side, we tried again for a different response but the only movement seemed as if they were trying to stop the planchette moving so we closed the session and changed to a different form of communication.

Glass Divination One

Our next attempt at communication was with a glass on a yes no board, this time the glass started to move almost immediately. We seemed to have made contact with a male who had died on the premises by his own hand, his energy was very strong. He was quite happy to answer mundane questions about the location and who was there on the night but would not answer personal questions about himself or his family. After around 30 minutes a female spirit came through she told us she had been a teacher at the school and was still there keeping an eye on the staff and pupils, some of the present day occupants have seen her standing at the bottom of one of the staircases. The next spirit to communicate with us was a young girl, who loved music, when we asked if she was responsible for playing the piano in another building at the school she confirmed she was. The male who was on the table first made his presence know and monopolised the table for roughly sixty minutes. We set an audio recorder up to record the session to enable us to list the questions and answers however the tape was completely blank when we tried to replay it, as the recorder has been used previously and the batteries were still working fine we can find no logical reason for the blank tape which recorded a test with no problems at all.

Tour of the location two

Chris and Eleanor decided to take a second tour of the location with a few of the team members to try and find a suitable location for a communication circle. We started on the upper floors however there was no room that felt right for the purpose; our next stop was in the part cellars that had once been a wine cellar. As we descended the stairs we noticed a beam alarm had been placed on one of the stairs to protect a trigger object that had been set up in the room below. In order to check the room and the trigger object we reset the alarm and checked the wooden cross which appeared to have moved. As there was no camera running on the trigger object we are unable to confirm what caused the cross to move.


Next we moved into an area where one room appeared to be a common room, there was also a room that was disused. In the disused room there was a fireplace and a window in one wall that had bars , the odd thing about the window was when you looked out of it there was a solid brick wall about three feet in front of you. Looking around the room was suitable and also seemed to have an underlying energy that would add to the session so having found the right location we headed back to the hall.

Glass Divination Two

When we arrived back in the hall a glass divination session using the Yes No board was in full force and the sitters seemed to be communicating with the teacher we had contacted earlier. After about ten minutes the lady withdrew and the dominant male made contact again, once again he would answer questions about the location and others present but nothing personal. Although the spirit did express an interest in a young female who was participating in the session, when asked he agreed she reminded him of someone. One of the male team members who was sitting at the table as a spectator, went rather quiet and then said to another “I want to hit you over the head with a chair”. Although he appeared to be angry and was showing all the signs that he was about to loose his temper he managed to control himself for the remainder of the session. After the session was closed Eleanor helped him to clear his head.

Communication Circle

Some of the group decided to call it a night and the remainder of us relocated to the cellar room with the bars at the window. The session started rather slow, but after a while several sitters heard noises and felt cold spots around the room. One team member was certain that he saw a policeman in the doorway of the room. Things went quiet so the session was closed and as it was getting late we cleared our belongings and called it a night. Reflecting on the possible sighting of a policeman, the room looks as if it was secure when in use and at one point it was law for all towns and villages to have a lockup. While larger towns erected special buildings known as round houses others used a room in a public house or large building just making sure it was secure. So if the room was at some time in it’s past a local lockup it is a possible explanation for the presence of a police constable. All in all this is an interesting location that certainly deserves further investigation and research.