Vintage Wines Ltd. - 16/09/06




Chris and Eleanor (PICOUK) were invited by Notts Paranormal Investigators to join them on an overnight investigation of at Vintage Wines Ltd on Derby Road in Nottingham.


The weather was mild and dry.

Tour of the Building

We arrived around 10:00 pm and after taking our equipment to the cellar we were taken on a tour of the building. There are four floors all of which appeared to have different uses, the cellars contained wine and by looking at the architecture it appears that there were originally two separate cellars and a doorway had been knocked through to join them. The ground floor contained the shop and locked offices, on the first floor there was a large room that if the decoration is correct at some point has been a night spot of some description. The second floor had several smaller rooms used for storage and on the top floor there are two rooms one with a storage rack and the other a pool table.

Table Tipping Session One

After our tour we decided to start in a small area in one half of the cellar that looks like a tasting area with table tipping. After around 10 to 15 minutes of trying with no results we decided to close the session and try something different.

Glass Divination

Next we tried glass divination on a ‘Yes No Board’, the board was placed on a table with six team members participating, after several attempts there was no apparent movement from the glass so we decided to swap the ‘Yes No Board’ for an Ouija board.

Ouija Board Session One

We set this up in the same location with the same sitters participating, although things were very slow to start we made contact with a male who informed us he lived and worked on the premises with his family and several members of staff working for him but he did not own the building. He also informed us he was French by birth, his wife was English and several of his employees were Italian. When we asked questions trying to ascertain the year he would not answer them, he did however confirm he had a fair haired son who died on the premises when he was 14, we have since been informed that this information ties in with the sighting of a youth in the rear of the cellars by several members of staff over the years. We also managed to get him to tell us that one of the other spirits there was an employee of his called Rossa. The spirit was unwilling to answer many questions and getting any answers at all was taking a long time and a lot of energy so we thanked him for communicating with us and closed the session.

Tour of the Building (by a few members while the first Ouija session was in progress)



While the first Ouija session was in progress three members of the team went on a tour of the building to take some photographs. After a short while one of the team members returned to the main group and the two remaining members decided to place two pool balls on the table near a tear in the baize surface as trigger objects. The two balls sat there quite happily whilst the two team members quietly chatted, however as they turned to leave the room one of the two balls rolled off the edge of the baize onto the wooden surface beneath making a distinctive click. Having noted the occurrence the ball was replaced back onto the edge of the baize and the two team members walked around the table to check for loose floorboards or other natural causes for the ball moving, Having found no obvious reason they then returned to the rest of the party. 

Ouija Board Session Two

After a break we opened a second Ouija session with six different sitters in the same location, this time although the movement was slow is seemed to start within a few minutes of opening the session. The spirit claimed it was neither male nor female but was at the location with one of the team members and as what came through was of a personal mature we will not report it here. During the session for no apparent reason most of the people present who were not participation broke out into fits of laughter. The spirit we were talking to seemed to be rather insulted and annoyed by this and left the area so the session had to be closed.

Communication Circle

As there had been some activity on the top floor around the pool table we decided to relocate there and try a communication circle. The group circled the pool table, placed their hands on the edge overlapping the persons hand on either side of them. We asked for a sign from the spirits and a knock was clearly heard form the next room, at one point we even heard what sounded like footsteps however there was nobody to be seen on the stairs or in the other room, this has also been confirmed as a regular occurrence on these premises. The people around the table were concentrating on the pool balls asking the spirits to move them, several of them said they could feel the table which was a full size pool table vibrating however the balls remained still. There were people on the outside of the table walking around and the sitters were all leaning on the table however no matter how hard we tried the balls would not move. Things went quiet so we decided to close the circle and try something in the room where the noises had been coming from.

Scrying Mirror

A Scrying mirror was set up in the other room on the top floor and three team members took the opportunity to have a go, as all we did was explain what to do and then leave the people alone we do not know what or if there were any results obtained.

Table Tipping Two

Some of the team had left for the night but before the rest of us cleared up we decided to have one last try at communication in the room where the scrying mirror had been placed. We set up a table to try table tipping, and with five sitters tried to make contact with who or what had been making the noises in this room while we were round the pool table. However no matter how we tried there was no movement at all from the table, after around fifteen minutes we closed the table and called it a night.