Most Haunted Live 3


Midland Grand Hotel – London


(Most Haunted Live 13 - Please Read)


What better chance to perform an armchair investigation than with the facilities of a live television programme and a choice of four web cams broadcasting over the Internet. But how could we capture any possible sightings?


The first part was easy, in that all was required was to record the programme on video. As an armchair investigation though, we would be doing no more than millions of other viewers. We could keep an eye on one of the web cams, but then we would just end up reporting on what we thought we saw unless we were fortunate enough to capture a screen shot at just the right moment. Was there any way we could use any of the technology we use when investigating haunted locations ourselves, in order to try and capture any possible paranormal activity, even though we were about 150 miles from the site?


Whilst working in the field we use a web cam connected to a laptop computer and a piece of software that monitors any changes in the picture. If a change is detected the software takes a series of snapshots which it then saved as files. It is then possible to either view each picture individually or play them rapidly, in sequence creating a movie effect. On checking the settings for the software, I found it was possible to set it to detect changes in a screenshot, i.e. the picture displayed on the computer screen.


My only concerns were that I might miss something through either not having the detection software set sensitive enough, a lack of bandwidth, insufficient processing power or whilst reconnecting to the internet after my mandatory 2 hour disconnection from my ISP as the programme and web cams were running for 3 ˝ hours.


Having reviewed all the four web cams that were featured on the Internet, I opted for Camera 4, which was focused on a trigger object in Room 10 of the hotel. This was a key, which had been placed on a piece of white paper and carefully drawn around, so that any slight movement could be identified.


What follows is just a few of the snapshots captured by the software, starting with a view of the full screen area being monitored during the time from 22:00 to 23:00


  As can be seen from the above shot, we have a clear view of all sides of the piece of paper and will be able to see if any fraud is committed. Although I am a little concerned by what appears to be an object placed on the table in the top left hand corner of the picture which may have disturbed the key.  

01.04.03 22:03:41

What's this! Someone walking in front of the web cam?


01.04:03 22:04:04

And now completely obstructing the view. If the key has moved the evidence is now corrupted and will have to be discounted.


01.04.03 22:04:14

Here is another one! Perhaps if they concentrate very hard the key will move.


01.04.03 22:10:30

Is someone off to set up a trigger object in a quieter location I wonder?


01.04.03 22:23:25

Now the camera is adjusted so that we can't see right round the paper


01:04:03 22:37:45

We now have 2 bags placed on the table. One clearly resting on the paper.


01.04.03 22:53:30

Now if they had only explained in the first place that the web cam was the trigger object...

  During this hour alone there were numerous other incidents of people passing by or standing in front of the camera. People will complain that nothing happened during the show. If we are realistic though, did the Most Haunted crew ever give a chance of anything happening? Wouldn’t we the viewers, be far happier to see a good honest investigation with secured areas where nothing happens as opposed to something happening in such a heavily contaminated area?