The Victorian Séance


Although for thousands of years man has used many different methods to try to contact his forefathers it was not until Victorian times that it became more or less a parlour game. This Victorian fascination for communicating with the dead can easily be attributed to the Fox sisters who to all intents and purposes founded the Spiritualist Movement. Soon, numerous Mediums appeared on the scene claiming that they too could communicate with the dead but of course, in most cases, this was for financial reward which of course was way out of reach of the common folk of the country, especially when their hunger to contact their ancestors would not be satisfied with a single sitting.

The only answer was for people to do a bit of DIY and hold their own communication circles in their own homes. Although many differing communication devices were born during the Victorian period, most proved to be slow and cumbersome to use and the vast majority of them fell by the wayside. The only device that has survived for over 100 years now is the Ouija board of which there are now numerous copies despite the bad press the device received during the 1970’s with numerous people claiming to have unleashed an evil entity into either themselves or their homes.  

Having spoken to many people over the years we are happy to report that the vast majority would never consider using an Ouija board at home although many of them do not mind experimenting at other ‘haunted’ locations. We ourselves applaud such decisions as although the original board is manufactured by a toy company it should never be considered as just a game.

During our years as paranormal investigators we have taken the time to reinvent and develop some of the communication devices and ideas that would or could have been available during the Victorian era and used them successfully in many a haunted location and also whilst hosting private and public events. As we have also reported elsewhere on this website 2006 was a bumper year for carrying out investigations at private houses to find out just what was there. In all cases, where various means of spiritual communication have taken place, the residents have been left at ease and happy with the results obtained.

As such, we are now perfectly happy to carry out Victorian style séances at any private house. For further details please contact us

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