PICOUK Webcasting

  First of all let us explain just what webcasting is. Webcasting is the ability to transmit video directly over the internet, but this is not the same as video clips that can can be viewed either on this website or our sister websites www.derwentparanormal.co.uk or www.essive.co.uk. This is more like a television station broadcasting several different channels and you get the choice of which channel to watch and you are not just restricted to a video clip which is just a few seconds long. A video transmission could theoretically last for many hours. Unlike a television broadcast though, if you have a scroll mouse, you have the ability to zoom in and pan around the video.  
  Under normal circumstances, the service we are providing will unfortunately be restricted to the members of our investigation teams and guests from the locations we investigate. However there may be opportunity from time to time when other guests may have the opportunity to view our footage. Who knows, you might even see a ghost caught on video that we have missed, so please email us and tell us if you see anything that we haven't reported.  
  We have had to make these restrictions because, if we have too many visitors trying to access our channels at the same time the system would grind to a complete standstill. This is also why access to our footage is free because if we were to charge we feel that all that would happen would be that access names and passwords would be passed around, once again bringing the system to a complete standstill.  
  If you would be interested in viewing some of our video footage during our quieter spells please email webcast@paranormalinvestigators.co.uk and we will do our best to try to accommodate you. The user name and password issued will only be valid  for a single day. However, if our access logs show that the system is being abused your user name will be deleted and you will be refused further access.  
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